Salt Pools to Sand Dunes - Desert
This is a very rocky area with hues of magenta in the rocks and greens/yellows in the water to create a more alien-like feeling as it transitions up to Lower Alpine. Transitioning to smoother sand dunes on the left
Pampas Area Transitions - Grasslands
Regular Grasslands material - lush green at lower altitudes and browner heather at the peaks. Further up, transitioning to Mountainous and Lower Alpine materials
Barren Hill - Grasslands
'Barren' Grasslands material with more golden drier grasses, and darker rock compared to regular Grasslands material, but still with hints of green bushes. This transitions well from lower altitudes to the mountainous regions
Lower to Upper Transition - Alpine
Snowy veins coming into very rough, rocky deep browns of highland grasses and smaller spruces
Mangrove Ground Level - Rainforest
The edges of Rainforest has wetland areas. The clumping of the trees allowed for gameplay around them but also meant that there was cover form the skies
Farmland - Grasslands
Wheat, oilseed rape and corn fields with supporting roads within grassland areas
Grassland to Alpine
It was important to transition smoothly from one sub-biome to the other and into another biome. Here the 'Barren' Grassland Material blends with lush green grasses and more rockier mountainous materials.
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Just Cause 4

Procedural Environment Artist

Responsible for texturing, materials and composition of landscapes in all 4 biomes in JC4.


Used procedural systems within the Apex Engine to create the distinctive looks in each biome: Grasslands, Desert, Rainforest, Alpine. Each biome had further sub-biomes within them, which had alternative looks: Barren & Mountainous in Grasslands; Shrublands, Salt Flats, Sand Dunes and Coastal in Desert; Mangrove & Deforestation in Rainforest; Lower Alpine and Upper Alpine. Other areas created were Caves, Mines, Farmland, Oasis. Lakes, Riversides and Roadsides.

This involved creating many rule sets and mask painting for controlling the distributing of the terrain materials across the game terrain. I created collections for all the assets: vegetation, rocks, and debris (assets not created by myself), which i would associate with particular material setups. The entire game consisted of only 32 small scale terrain texture sets and 16 for the large scale.


It was important that the materials and vegetation sets looked great at ground level and follow design constraints, but could also look great at 100's of meters away, to very far landscape distances due to the nature of traversal in the game. Textures were created in substance designer, Zbrush and World Machine.